Nick cleaning a Union soldiers grave at the Topeka, KS CemeteryOne of the things I have found myself become quite interested in is Genealogy as related to the Civil War. This is an area that I find a lot of enjoyment in because of the behind the scenes stories that end up coming from the research.

Finding your Civil War ancestor can be fun, frustrating, enlightening, confusing, humbling and revealing all wrapped up in your families heritage. Maybe your relative fought at Gettysburg, maybe they were a well known General, maybe they died doing their duty, maybe they were just humble farmers caught up in the whirlwind of events of the mid-nineteenth century.

Another reason to research your heritage may be to gather all the required data to repair a headstone or to have one put in place. Maybe you wish to join a heritage group such as the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War or the Sons of Confederate Veterans of the Civil War and need the proper documentation to prove their service.

There are a lot of reasons but this I can tell you, when the pieces of research begin to fall together you find yourself eagerly awaiting the next tidbit of information. It is, for lack of a better analogy, like a drug. You start it and it is hard to quit.

I have researched my own relatives and have found three verified members of my family who served in some capacity during the Civil War. They all supported the Union, but many people discover they have relatives who served the Union and some for the Confederacy. I have also done research for The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) of other soldiers not related to me and have found stories that just are downright entertaining.


Are you interested in finding more about your Civil War ancestor? Do want some assistance with finding the final burial location? Maybe you don’t even know who your great-great grandfather was and would like to learn more about him and if he served during the Civil War. I would love to help.

I have started work as a freelance Civil War Genealogical Researcher.  What I can provide research and assistance with is:

  • Civil War Pension Records
  • Civil War Muster Rolls and Service Records
  • Civil War Unit/Regiment History
  • Soldier Burial Location/Information
  • Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Research

You will find my fees to be well below the normal fees that freelance genealogical researchers charge simply because I am building up my portfolio, my skills, and experience in this type of research.  And quite honestly, I love doing it.

So if you want to just find out a little more or wish to have an initial consultation to see if my abilities will suit your needs, take a minute and provide your information and what you are requesting on the Contact page.  Please leave your preferred method of contact: email or phone call, and I will get back with you as quickly as possible.