Book Reviews

The following book reviews come from a variety of sources and contain a wide variety of reviews relating to the American Civil War. Please note these reviews are from outside sources.
  • Booknotes: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass

    New Arrival: • Women in the World of Frederick Douglass by Leigh Fought (Oxford Univ Pr, 2017). The first of its kind, this new study examines the life of Frederick Douglass through the lens of the women he encountered during his lifetime. In his […]

  • Five books on the Burnside Expedition

    1. "A Succession of Honorable Victories": The Burnside Expedition in North Carolina by Richard A. Sauers (1996). If you're going to read one book on the Burnside Expedition, this one is it. It details  from inception through the end of […]

  • Owens & Ramsey interview with ECW

    Today is World Book Day so check out the 5-part ECW interview with Marc Ramsey of Owens & Ramsey Historical Booksellers. Of course, it's just one guy's perspective of the business, but the interview covers an interesting array of topics. Here's […]

  • Booknotes: A Field Guide to Gettysburg, Second Edition

    New Arrival: • A Field Guide to Gettysburg, Second Edition: Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People by Carol Reardon & Tom Vossler (UNC Press, 2017). Although it doesn't feel like it has been that long, it's […]

  • Review of McKnight & Myers, eds. - "THE GUERRILLA HUNTERS: Irregular Conflicts during the Civil War"

    [The Guerrilla Hunters: Irregular Conflicts during the Civil War edited by Brian D. McKnight & Barton A. Myers (Louisiana State University Press, 2017). Hardcover, maps, photos, illustrations, notes, reading list, index. Pages […]

  • Civil War operas

    Civil War operas are proliferating. A few I missed: Freedom and Fire! Cold Mountain The Dream of a Good Death: A Civil War Folk-Rock Opera Rappahannock County My Civil War What's interesting here is the idea, among producers, that the Civil […]

  • The ghost of Civil War past

    The Confederacy’s 9th Kentucky Infantry had a drama club. Among prisoners of war, and "Chess was the principal game, and the demand for chessmen created quite a business for a former prisoner who had erected a turning lathe." Civil War […]

  • Light my cannon ball

    Another one of those stories where the reporters and city officials are too ignorant and illiterate to explain what the problem might be: Museum calls in bomb squad fearing possible Civil War cannon ball explosion. Hat tip to a dear reader. Best […]

  • Ramblin Spokes, ACW author: Best ways to blurb

    Hello again, readers and aspiring authors! Many a time has Ramblin been asked to blurb a book he hasn't read. As you become successful, this will happen to you. Let me help. I  read a lot of blurbs on Civil War book jackets. It's a quick, fast, […]

  • 1856

    Are there any good books on the election of '56? It seems as interesting, at least, as that of 1860. We have all of these ACW figures in play (except Lincoln): Seward, Chase and Sumner withdraw from the Republican contest to favor Fremont. The […]