Nick B in the Union camp at 150th Battle of Pilot Knob My Civil War Home’s goal is to provide information, education and discussions on the American Civil War. While there is an initial focus on the events that occurred in Missouri and Kansas, all facets of the war will be presented. The goal is to present this information in a non-biased manner, appreciating that both North and South were equally to blame for this turning point in our nations history.

As of right now, all the posts are written or edited by me, and most of the other information presented, photo gallery, genealogy research, etc. is also done by yours truly. The goal in the future is to have other writers participate and present their articles here as well.

So to get an idea who is presenting the information, I’ll give you a little information about myself. I am a US Army Veteran, I have a BA in History from Columbia College, I am the founder and former president of the South-Central Missouri Civil War Round Table located in Waynesville/Rolla Missouri. I have held the positions of Sr. Vice Commander, Graves Registration Officer, Signals Officer and Secretary for Old Abe Camp #16 and Sigel Camp #614, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

I have a strong interest in military history, specifically, the American Civil War, American history, Ancient/Medieval History and Christian History. Genealogical research is another area I am fascinated by and have began various projects in Genealogy not only within my own family, but for others as well.

I am happily married, have three outstanding kids, I am a true Midwesterner… I am originally from Illinois, spent 20 years in Missouri and I currently live in Topeka Kansas.